West Virginia Independence Hall welcomes all visitors and encourages everyone to discover the history of this special place. Step back in time to the American Civil War and experience the tumult of that era when political intrigue, treason, loyalty oaths and threat of rebel invasion filled the air. Learn about the events that catapulted the western part of Virginia into a crisis that resulted in separation from its origins. And come to know the beauty of the building that reflects a period when men were forced to make choices based upon their most basic values.

West Virginia Independence Hall, built in 1859, was originally constructed to serve as a customs house as the economy expanded in the second largest city of the state of Virginia. The structure of wrought iron I-beams and box girders with cast iron columns was a forerunner of today’s skyscrapers. The new state of West Virginia was formed within these walls in the third floor courtroom, as arguments rang forth supporting loyalty to the Union. Civil War buffs and historians alike will sense the excitement still present in this elegant edifice.

West Virginia Independence Hall

1528 Market Street
(Parking lot is located on 16th Street)
Wheeling, WV  26003


Tuesday-Saturday, from 9am-5pm.
Admission is free to the public.