Battle Flags Exhibit

“This flag shall never be dishonored, but shall ever be borne proudly aloft, waving for liberty and union.”

-John H. Oley, Colonel, 7th West Virginia Cavalry, December 30, 1864

Located on the second floor, West Virginia Independence Hall’s Battle Flags exhibit, Waving For Liberty and Union, features the state’s rare collection of original civil-war era flags. Flags in the collection represent regiments of soldiers from what is now primarily central and northern West Virginia. Research has shown many of the banners probably were carried in some of the war’s most important battles and campaigns, including Vicksburg, Second Bull Run, and Appomattox. A few flags even have what appears to be battle damage, including bullet holes in the fabric and shattered staffs. Others flew over military headquarters or were used for ceremonial purposes for years after the war.

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“Waving for Liberty and the Union” Film

The film “Waving for Liberty and the Union” is an introductory video for the West Virginia Independence Hall Battle Flags exhibit.

“Waving for Liberty and the Union” was sponsored by the West Virginia Independence Hall Foundation. It was produced by The Walkabout Company in 2014.

The following individuals, foundations, and groups contributed donations to fund the Waving for Liberty and the Union exhibit. This exhibit would not have been possible without their generous support: Helen O. Amos, John Bodkin, Giulio Cappelletti, Joan Carrigan, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan P. Carter III, Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Carter, Mr. and Mrs. S. Bruce Clarke, James F. Companion, Mr. and Mrs. David B. Dalzell, Ms. Allison Exley, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Exley IV, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle D. Farnsworth, Harriette S. Friend, E. F. Hall III, Thomas M. Hazlett, Esq., Robert C. Hazlett, Jr., Janet L. Honecker, Mrs. Michael Hogan, Elizabeth Stifel Kline Foundation, David B McKinley, John J. Mensore, Esq., Elizabeth Waterhouse Miner, Carol Peklinsky, Mr. Bob Robinson, James E. Seibert, Esq., Shriver Greys, Judge and Mrs. Frederick P. Stamp, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Steele, Audrey P. Stehle, James R. Stultz, WV Mason-Dixon Civil War Round Table, Joan D. Weiskircher, Wheeling Convention & Visitors Bureau, J. W. Wiater & Associates, Edward Wolf.

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