To organize a field trip to West Virginia Independence Hall, please call site manager, Deborah Jones at 304-238-1300.


▶ “For Liberty and Union”
“For Liberty and Union” tells the story of the 1861 convention that led to West Virginia breaking away from Confederate Virginia during the Civil War and becoming a new state.

▶ “Waving For Liberty and Union”
“Waving for Liberty and the Union” is an introductory video for the West Virginia Independence Hall Battle Flags exhibit.

Francis Pierpont Essay Contest:

Every year, the West Virginia Independence Hall Foundation holds a Francis Pierpont Essay contest for 8th-grade students residing in Ohio County. Students are asked to write an essay based on a Francis Pierpont quote. The first place winner receives $100 and the traveling statuette of Governor Pierpont, provided by WVIHF, to be displayed for one year in the winning school. The second place winner will receive $50 and the third place winner will receive $25.

▶ 2016 Francis Pierpont Essay Contest