View a timeline that shows the role Wheeling’s US Custom House played in West Virginia Statehood and how the Custom House came to be West Virginia Independence Hall.
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▶ “For Liberty and Union”
“For Liberty and Union” tells the story of the 1861 convention that led to West Virginia breaking away from Confederate Virginia during the Civil War and becoming a new state.

▶ “Waving For Liberty and Union”
“Waving for Liberty and the Union” is an introductory video for the West Virginia Independence Hall Battle Flags exhibit.


First Floor:

▶ West Virginia: Born of the Civil War

Second Floor:

▶ Governor Pierpont’s Office
Battle Flags Exhibit

Third Floor:

Restored Federal Courtroom
Office of Federal Judge John Jay Jackson Jr.

Statues and Monuments:

▶ Governor Francis Pierpont Statue
▶ Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Statue